Trinka Baggetta Fund for the Arts


Trinka was a beautiful, talented, lovely young woman who was part of the Laurence School family for many years – as a student and as the daughter of our long-time teacher, Sylvia Ossorio. She graduated from Laurence with honors and went on to achieve great things in secondary school and beyond, during her years at UC Berkeley. She will forever be remembered as a sweet, loving, and creative young lady. The Trinka Baggetta Scholarship for the Arts was established to honor her love of the arts and her remarkable life.

Thank You to our Donors

Your generosity ensures that Trinka will remain
forever smiling in our hearts.
Judith Acampora
Vincent Baggetta *
Constance Baggetta *
Adrienne Barbeau and Billy Van Zandt
Anna Bardez
Karen Beskid
Marnie Boomershine
Eileen Branda
Judith and David Braun *
Morgan Brown
Valorie Bruce
Maria Calvo
Raymond Cole
The Daigle Family *
Vito D'Ambrosio
Louis De Grandis
Roxanne Demers
Shannon and Paul Derby
Josephine Faraci
Stacey and Tim Farish
Richard Feld
Dave Finkel
Juli and James Gallagher
Hilary and John Genga
Fran Goodsite *
Rachel Hamilton
Erin Reitner Harris
Karen Higashi
Lynn and Marvin Jacobson *
Nikki and Brandt Joel
Beth and Mark Kaplan
Lydia Kleiman Katz
Judy and Walter Koenig
Jose and Guadalupe Kozer *
Kathleen Laccinole
Victora Levitas
Jill and Jack Levy
Merrie and Stuart Libicki
Jennifer and Jordan Lichtman
Delfina Loredo
Jerry Manise
Robert Markovic
Molly Cheek Murray
Lewis Newman
Mara Oliver *
Pat and Steve Orland
Chris Ossorio
Sylvia and Cliff Ossorio *
Rob Ossorio
Ashley and Scott Pease
Ellen and Peter Picataggio
Lisa Poplasky
Joyce Prescott
Marina Berti & Stephen Prough
Linda Reitner
Melissa Reitner
Katherine Rodgers
Janice and Gil Ross
Sarah and Shawn Shahmiri
Melanie Sherwood
Liz and David Skulsky
Cynthi Stefenoni
Michelle and Gary Stern
Sandy and Alan Stone
Stacey and Lawrence Tanenbaum
Melissa Walkes & Rich Vokulich
Rebekah Wagner
Diana Webster
Lois and Carl Weinberg
Dan Wexler
Wendy Wolin
Laurie and Michael Wolke
Lainie and Jay Zuckerman

* denotes multiple years of giving