Laurence Fund

What is the Laurence Fund?

The Laurence Fund is our year-long annual giving campaign, which begins every October. Gifts to the Laurence Fund are earmarked for the current school year's operating expenses and make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the school. Laurence Fund dollars are critical as they enable us to enrich the lives of our students and faculty. Read on to learn how your important donation dollars protect our most important assets—our children!

What Your Giving Supports


Curriculum Development & Individualized Learning
Your Laurence Fund dollars directly impact our ability to create cutting-edge academic programs with a focus on individualized learning. In the past year alone, we have instituted new innovative programs, smaller class sizes with improved teacher-to-student ratios, flexible-ability learning groups in math and reading, and superior tools to prepare our students for the middle school placement process.


Recruiting, Retaining & Educating the Best Faculty

A Laurence education is only as strong as the educators who bring our unique “Total Child” style of learning to life. To create the best possible learning environment for our students, each classroom has two credentialed teachers.

In order to attract fully-credentialed faculty members and specialists with both classroom experience and high-level degrees, we utilize the Laurence Fund to provide our best and brightest with competitive compensation and benefits.

We also use this money to support professional development, allowing teachers to keep their fingers on the pulse of national education trends.


21st Century Skills

Laurence is committed to staying at the forefront of technological innovation, enabling our students to work more efficiently and effectively, expanding their sources of information, and preparing them for the rigors of the modern world.

Laurence Fund dollars help us to continually update and upgrade our Technology Center, where students in Kindergarten through 6th Grade engage in projects using educational, graphic design, presentation, and coding software, Apple computers, 3-D printers, robotics kits, and more. The tools in the Technology Center also support our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) program, which is integrated through the curriculum.

Support for the Laurence Fund also provides our students with extensive classroom iPad and laptop programs, allowing the children to access a multitude of online educational resources during lessons. Students and faculty alike benefit from learning and teaching in innovative and engaging ways.


Engagement through Enrichment

Beyond traditional classroom learning, Laurence's curriculum includes a robust enrichment program that is supported by the Laurence Fund. Art, music, drama, and athletics are a part of students' regular school day program, while electives and after school classes provide additional opportunities for students to explore interests and develop their talents.

Our curriculum also includes programs designed to develop well-rounded, thoughtful, caring children who understand multiple perspectives, are proactive leaders, and become caring citizens. These programs include: Represent the "L" Character Education & Service Learning Program; Global Garden Educational Program; Environmental Education; and Kids' Court.


Sylvia and Michael Abdulian
Barbara and Richard Ackerman
Dana Ackerman
Jessica Alva
Marlon Angeli
Kym Bye and Dan Appel
Tamara and Peter Ashjian
Magdalena Mielcarz and Adrian Ashkenazy
Nancy and Narb Avedissian
Sharon and Shaun Barber
Elizabeth and Ross Benjamin
Jill and Cary Biren
Liz Beck and David Birnbaum
Kara Nortman and Jake Blumenthal
Simran Baidwan and Vincent Bonotto
Julie Bowen
Jeannine Brager
Danielle and Kevin Brenner
Tiffani and Stephen Bresnick
Ever Carradine and Coby Brown
Lauren and Blake Bruns
Donna Tetreault and Andrew Bunnin
Kevin Butler
Claudia Cadena
Maria Calvo
Beth and Steve Callaghan
Lauren Cantrell
Natalie and Rafael Carbunaru
Victoria and Christopher Carlin
LaNee Griffin‑Carroll and Kevin Carroll
Jose Castellanos
Silvia Mazzucchelli and Mauro Cellore
Mary and Jay Chen
Joy and Robert Cho
Jenny and James Chow
Liz Mahoney Cohen and Peter Cohen
Marites and Jesse Coulter
Sabrina A. Crame
Maria Crossman
Claire Daley
Sheila and James Davidson
Clive Davis
Meredith Davis‑Williams
Shannon and Paul Derby
Kandice and Jonas Dolkart
Raina and Henri Dragonas
George Dubiecki
Hilary Duff
Judith and Donald Dungey
Alexandra and Scott Ehrlich
Vicki Davis Ellis and Paul Ellis
Marlon Espino
Anne‑Marie and Adam Esser
Leah Corselli‑Felisan and Stephen Felisan
Irene and Craig Flores
Heather and Bill Frank
Erin Fraser
Sylvia and Louis Friedel
Amy and Adam Friedman
Li and Toby Gad
Xylene Garcia
Kari and Ralph Garman
Ann and Steve Garrett
Kelly Lynch and Annie Goto
K.C. Reischerl and David Grant
Sharon Green
Norma Greenberg
Allison Smith Grimmett and Randy Grimmett
Jennifer Horan and Mark Handler
Susie Harmon
Andrea and Chad Harris
Jacqie Moroni and Andrew Heckler
Kristien and Aaron Helbing
Kimberly and Jamal Henderson
Tracy Gitnick Herriott and Stuart Herriott
Lisa Loeb and Roey Hershkovitz
Debra Chow and Joshua Huang
Hildi Snodgrass and Jim Hliboki
Cat Zusky and Eric Hogenson
Carol and Yeu Hong
Alison and Paul Huang
Amy and Paul Iannicelli
David Itzikman
Temo Javalois
Janine and Chris Jones
Nathan and Carly Kahane
Goli and Nader Kamangar
Beth and Mark Kaplan
Loretta and Victor Kaufman
Tina and Edgar Khalatian
Denise Wong and Philip Khosid
Michelle and Kevin Kim
Jihoon and Steve Kim
Jennifer and Christian Koch
Ann and Dan Kolb
Anabel and John Konwiser
Jennifer and Greg Kovacs
Sarah and Jason Kranitz
Sue and Steve Kroopnick
Cyntoria Lampkin
Jane Gendelman and Gary Landa
Francine and Darrell Lane
Mari and Ari Lanin
Jena Laolagi
Rachael MacFarlane and Spencer Laudiero
Jin Hee and John Lee
Sophia Whang and Robert Lee
Keegan Leopold
Jennifer and David Lerner
Beth Pontrelli and Rob Letterman
Jennifer Levin
Sarah Levine
Melissa Levinsohn
Stacy Marble and Matthew Levy
Astrid and Kevin Lew
Iris and Michael Lifrak
Yoorie Lu
Kristen and Gregory Mandel
Amy Ortner and David Mandell
Susan and Allan Marble
Christian Markey, III
Roya and Fred Mashian
Erica and Renny Maslow
Caron and Bill McGoldrick
Rachel and Adam McKinney
Ann Marie McMahon
Amy and Carlos Mencia
Stefanie Schwartz Mendelsohn and Brad Mendelsohn
Sarah Meshulam
Brittany Miller
Kimberly Milman
Brittany Moreland
Michelle Morris
Maggie Muir
Nanda and Raman Muthusamy
Steven Nairin
Wells Butler and Oliver Nathan
Kelly and David Nemecek
Joan Nemecek
Melissa and Brian Norgard
Danielle Pelland and Jeff Norskog
Dana Oakley
Charles Ortner
Joanna Perlman
Lisa and Michael Pierce
Scott Phillips
Channing and Scott Power
Kristen Pun
Marla and Mario Ramirez
Brian Recker
Bernard Redmond
Alexis and Bill Richards
Lisa Shannon and Peter Rieveschl
Gina Rifkin
Katie and Karl Rinderknecht
Christina Rios
Amy Israel and R.D. Robb
Lisa and Tony Robinson
Pat Buddhinan and Mark Rodrigues
Robert Romano
Starlyn and David Ross
Michelle and Eric Ross
Laura and Gregg Ross
Jenny and Trevor Roth
Steffi and Ricci Rukavina
Alison Sweeney and David Sanov
Alice and Sheldon Sanov
Gabrielle Santos
Emmy Ellison and Peter Sattler
Liz and Akiva Schaffer
Tanika Schliebe
Barbara Schwartz
Schuyler Schwimer
Stephanie SenGupta
Danielle and Steven Serratore
Serratore Law P.C.
Jesse Servin
Shawn Shahmiri
Claire Shapiro
Jonathan Shapiro
Lisa and P.J. Shapiro
Michelle and Scott Shapiro
Melissa and Sohail Shayfer
Benjamin Sheridan
Jacquelyn Rosati and Eric Sherman
Geri and James Sherman
Susan and Wayne Sherman
Samantha Shreder
Marco Siliezar
Liz Silverman
Alexandra Meneses Simpson
John Simpson
Chiara and Gregory Slewett
Sharon Lee and Paul Smith
Angelina and Eric Snyder
Ann and Steven Snyder
Sandra and Alex Soltani
Jenny and Jay Sonbolian
Michelle Mirchandani and Mark Soper
Carlos Soto
Kelly and Larry Spinks
Jennifer Bott and Burr Steers
Sheeri and Michael Steinberg
Lisa and Robert Stone
Sandy Stone
Linda and Ken Suslow
Alison Macpherson and Andrew Tarr
Nonnie and Jeremiah Tarr
William Tobar
Gamze and David Trygstad
Toni and Chuck Tschampion
Cher and Chris Van Amburg
Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster
Rebekah Wagner
Melissa Walkes
Sharon Walter‑Goldsmith and Lee Goldsmith
Eva and Kal Walthers
Aimee Ward
Marisa Wedemeyer
Jillian and Craig Weinstein
Angela and Steven White
Karen O'Brien and Jo Willems
Wendy Wolin
Laurie and Michael Wolke
Agnes and Jason Woo
Joanna and Crockett Woodruff
Chase Woolner
Dina Morishita and Welly Yang
Sara and Scott Zimbler
Carole Zwikel  








Giving Levels

  • Jacobson Founder's Circle
    $25,000 and above
  • Leadership Circle
    $15,000 - $24,999
  • Lightning Circle
    $10,000 - $14,999
  • Secret Garden Circle
    $5,000 - $9,999
  • Head of School Circle*
    $3,500 - $4,999
  • 1953 Circle
    $1,500 - $3,499
  • Friends of Laurence
    $500 - $1,499
  • Red, White, Blue & Green Club
    Up to $499

*Donors who give at the Head of School Circle or above are invited to our annual Donor Appreciation Party.