Jacobson Scholarship Fund

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About the Fund

Laurence School puts a high value on diversity and inclusiveness. We believe that by drawing from a more varied population, socially, culturally, and economically, our entire community benefits today and will benefit for generations to come.

Inspired by both our Founders, Marvin and Lynn Jacobson, and by our alumni, who took their Laurence educations and went forth into secondary schools and beyond with great success, we started this fund. Our goal is to ensure support for financial aid for generations to come.

Your gifts to the Jacobson Legacy Scholarship Fund make a Laurence education possible for a wider range of families.

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Doesn't Laurence already provide scholarships and financial aid?

Yes it does. However, all financial aid is currently paid for out of the school's operating budget, which means that our ability to provide scholarships is dependent upon a wide variety of economic circumstances. The goal of this fund is to grow its principal to the point where it can be converted into an endowment fund that is self-supporting and protected from economics fluctuations.

How long will it take for the fund to become self-supporting?

The amount of time it will take for the principal in this fund to earn enough income to pay for scholarships depends upon how quickly donations to this fund build up the principal. In the meantime, all contributions to the Jacobson Legacy Scholarship Fund are invested and earmarked for the future purpose of becoming an endowment.