Community Support Fund

Community Support Fund Header

To support members of the Laurence community who are experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis and the many campus needs to enable our students, faculty and staff to safely return to school, we have launched the Laurence Community Support Fund. We know that you will not be surprised to learn that due to the pandemic, many Laurence families are finding themselves in uncharted waters with job loss and financial insecurity. One of our top priorities is to make sure that our current students whose families have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis are able to return to school in the fall and that we are able to meet the new financial needs of our parents. 

At the same time, it is not business as usual at Laurence. Remote learning has required one to one tech supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. for each and every student. Enhanced technology, wifi and Owl cameras in classrooms have been necessary to enable the most seamless school day as possible. And, as we prepare for the scenario that has all students, faculty and staff returning to campus, we are facing extraordinary expenses to support hygiene, technology, and physical distancing requirements.  

The Community Support Fund supports the unique school year we are navigating and enables us to accommodate the various learning situations that come our way.