Our Culture of Philanthropy

Our students thrive at Laurence because many generations of parents, grandparents, and alumni ensured that we could develop outstanding academic programs, have state-of-the-art technology and equipment, recruit the most talented and dedicated faculty and staff, and develop extraordinary facilities that can evolve to meet the growing needs of our school.

As a community, every generation of families, through its gifts, pays it backward to thank those families who came before them for their generosity, and pays it forward so that future generations of students will have the same opportunities to experience the breadth and fullness of a Laurence education as their own children.




Enriching Your Child's Education

A Laurence education would not be the incredible experience it is without the investment of our parents. You can make a positive and meaningful difference in your child's education and in the life of our school community by partnering with us to enrich your child’s education.

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Laurence Fund


Family is Everything

Laurence has always been a family school, which is why grandparents are important members of our community. A growing number of grandparents have been contributing to Laurence's academic and enrichment programs, which inspired the creation of our Grandparent Fund, which supports specific curriculum needs.

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Grandparent Fund


Financial Assistance & Scholarship Fund

Jacobson Legacy Scholarship Fund

Diversity and inclusiveness are important to our core values at Laurence. For that reason, we fundraise each year to strengthen our financial assistance program.

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Scholarship Fund



Building Our Future

Throughout Laurence's history, the acquisition of property, coupled with the generosity of many families who supported our capital campaigns, has enabled us to make major enhancements to our campus, accommodating growth and our students' educational needs.

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Capital Projects