Interscholastic Sports


Laurence School's interscholastic sports program, for 4th through 6th Graders, fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, and an appreciation for athletics.

We offer a wide range of sports options for students at every skill level, including:

  • Boys' flag football, basketball, baseball, and soccer
  • Girls' soccer, basketball, and volleyball

Our 4th through 6th Grade student participation rate is reguarlarly more than 95%, and Laurence's teams are recognized for both good sportsmanship and strong performances in the San Fernando Valley Private School League.

Recent Championship Wins
  • Boys' Basketball - 4th & 6th Grades (2017-18)
  • Boys' Soccer - 6th Grade (2017-18)
  • Boys Football - 6th Grade (2016-17)
  • Girls' Soccer - 4th & 5th Grades (2016-17)
  • Boys' Soccer - 4th & 5th Grades (2016-17)
  • Girls' Volleyball - 4th & 6th Grades (2016-17)


Program Highlights

Represent the "L"

One important tenet at Laurence is the importance of sportsmanship and respect; we umbrella this idea under the slogan, Represent the “L”! In essence, this means that no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are ambassadors of Laurence School, who should always be representing our school with pride, through appropriate behavior and positive actions. We even start every game with a Represent the “L” cheer to bring us together as one cohesive family unit.

Golden/Bedazzled Buckets

For our 6th Grade boys, the annual Golden Bucket game is an opportunity for them to prove their athletic prowess by competing against Valley Beth Shalom. This is a game that they look forward to participating in from the time that they are in kindergarten because they get to play on a high school field, under bright lights, and, if they are victorious, to keep the winning trophy at Laurence for an entire year. Impressively, we have been in possession of this trophy for a number of consecutive years. Likewise, the Bedazzled Bucket game empowers our 6th Grade girls to be included in this amazing event.

Annual Sports Banquet

Our Annual Sports Banquet is held at the end of each school year to celebrate our student athletes from the previous seasons. Every child who has donned the Lightning uniform in the past year is recognized and entertained by a celebrity guest speaker. The highlight of the evening is the “year in sports” video montage.

Hall of Fame

Laurence’s Hall of Fame is an honor about which many of our athletes dream. To gain recognition and be memorialized, students need not be the best athlete on campus—they simply have to be committed to Laurence’s after-school sports program. If they have played three sports a year from the 4th through 6th Grades, they will be immortalized on our wall plaque for years to come.