P.E. & Athletics

Photo of boys on the athletic field in sports uniform having fun

Our Philosophy

At Laurence School, we place a premium on staying physically fit and developing healthy eating habits. That's why, Laurence:

  • Holds physical education classes daily
  • Invites our parents to exercise with us every Wednesday morning for Represent the "L"aps
  • Offers an extensive line-up of interscholastic sports for 4th through 6th Grade students
  • Teaches the importance of sound nutritional practices in combination with an active lifestyle with collaboration between our science teachers and P.E. team.

Program Overview

Physical Education: In Kindergarten - 2nd Grade our program focuses developing students’ basic motor skills and building teamwork. In Grades 3 - 6, students begin to learn more about movement, mechanics, proper technique, and developing a healthy lifestyle. Read more about our physical education program by clicking here.

Interscholastic Sports: Our program fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, and an appreciation for athletics. Our interscholastic sports program begins in 4th Grade and our Laurence Lightning teams include: flag football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball. Read more about our interscholastic sports program by clicking here.