Singapore Math

Singapore Math is an innovative method for teaching elementary school students math concepts through problem-solving-based learning. The program incorporates traditional math, such as math facts and popular ways of doing long division, but it also teaches children multiple methods for solving math equations.

How Is It Different?

Singapore Math gives students a mathematical foundation based on the profound understanding — not just their memorization — of learned concepts. The idea is to learn to monitor their own thinking, calculate mentally, and persevere in the face of challenges by trying other strategies. Some of these strategies include drawing pictures such as number bonds, bar models, number lines, and arrays, as well as using ten frames and studying growth patterns and place value charts.

We are pleased to have been able to bring experienced math coaches onto campus to mentor our faculty and community in Singapore Math. The leadership and knowledge of these specialists have helped to optimize our program's success. In addition, we pair our teachers with mentors across grade levels and provide our staff with many professional development opportunities.

Preparing Our Students for Secondary School

Once the foundation of Singapore Math is set, students transition into a more traditional math program during the 5th and 6th Grade years. This curriculum shift allows students to seamlessly begin to prepare for the structure and rigor of middle school pre-algebra and algebra programs.



Laurence's Math Club for 4th - 6th Grade students meets weekly and participates in in city-wide competitions. Students explore geometry, algebraic thinking, and more through problem-solving activities that incorporate 3-D figures, numerical puzzles, and logical conundrums.

"We want our students to learn to be thinkers and problem-solvers, not simply to know how to do long-division. We want them to solve problems in the real world using mathematical reasoning." Jennifer Kovacs, Math Specialist & Coach