Art is integrated throughout our STEAM program, allowing students to bring visual creativity into their STEM projects. In addition to our Visual Arts program, which focuses on traditional forms of art, our STEAM program gives students the opportunity to incorporate graphic design, digital photography, game design, animation, videos, 3-D drawing, and more into their science, tech, art, and classroom projects.

Example Projects:

  • Claymation: Students created story-boards and constructed clay figures using Play-Doh. Afterwards, they used iPads to take photos, record audio files, and edit, ultimately making a claymation movie using the iMotion app.
  • Illustrating Poems: Second Grade students created graphic illustrations of Japanese gardens to accompany Haiku poems they wrote as part of their study of Japan.
  • Circuitry Meets Art: Fourth Grade students attached Arduino programmable circuitry to paintings of California missions, turning them into interactive display pieces with LED lights and sound recordings.
  • Robots become Characters: Fifth Grade student teams created props for and decorated their LEGO robots, turning them into characters with personalities – or in one case, into a dog-bot, complete with a dog tag they made on our 3-D printer and a furry tail.
  • Digital Photography: Students in 6th Grade, learned digital photography, including how to use Photoshop and other editing software.