Students of all ages assume leadership roles at Laurence, including spearheading community service initiatives, serving on our Student Government,and participating in mentoring activities. A Laurence student is confident in his or her ability to take an idea, grow it, and engage others to participate.

Buddy Program

Big "Buddies" in older grades mentor younger students through numerous activities each year. Sixth Grade students are paired with Kindergartners, 5th Graders with 1st Graders, and so on.

Buddies plant the Edible Garden together on Planting Day each fall and make care packages with handmade cards for donation to various charities – e.g., holiday packages for children in need or hospitalized children and Thanksgiving packages for L.A. Family Housing. Other activities include reading stories and collaborative art projects

Student Government

Students in the 3rd through 6th Grades can serve on Student Government, which provides leadership for many school-wide fundraisers. They run "Buck-a-Bagel" sales, which raise money for our school's partner charities and for phone cards for members of the military. Representatives also make announcements during the week and at our weekly assemblies to remind our community about other service projects, such as our weekly food drive and grade-level service initiatives. Other initiatives led by our Student Government have included raising environmental awareness and leading trash clean-ups.

Making a Difference

Students at Laurence learn that being caring and kind is just as important as academic achievements. Starting as early as Kindergarten, many of our students run weekend fundraisers, such as bake sales and lemonade stands, ask for donations instead of birthday presents, participate in fundraising walks, donate hair to children with medically induced hair loss, participate in clean-up projects around Los Angeles, and find many more ways to make a difference in their local communities and beyond.

They share their projects with the entire school at our Friday Red, White, Blue & Green Assemblies, where their peers and school faculty honor their efforts with cheers and applause.

public speaking

Public speaking is an important life skill that Laurence students have a chance to develop beginning in Kindergarten. Even our youngest students have a chance to get comfortable speaking in front of others thanks to opportunities ranting from sharing with their classmates during morning meetings to telling the school about their service projects and telling jokes at summer camp morning assemblies.

As students progress through Laurence, they present reports and other projects to their classmates, learning both public-speaking and presentation skills; they participate in drama classes and a variety of school performances; and they make announcements at weekly assemblies in front of approximately 400 students, parents, guests, faculty, staff, and administrators.