Laurence launched a mindfulness program as part of our 2015-16 character education theme, "Keep Kind in Mind," and is continuing to develop it. This program supports lessons about kindness by providing our students with tools for recognizing their emotions and choosing how to react to them.

Scientific research has continually shown that practicing mindfulness is an effective tool for calming emotions and controlling anxiety. These life skills are important for children's success in elementary school and beyond. Mindfulness also promotes a positive outlook, which we strive to help our students develop.

Program Highlights

  • Writing in "Gratitude Journals," which we provide to each student at the beginning of the school year.

  • Classroom sessions led by an alumni parent, who teaches students a variety of mindfulness strategies, ranging from breathing exercises to using physical tools such as bubbles.

  • Mindfulness training for faculty, helping them to practice mindfulness themselves and to bring mindfulness practice techniques to their students.
Students Speak about Mindfulness
"I use belly breaths before a test to calm down and focus when I'm upset. Mindfulness is a tool I will use forever." 3rd Grade Student
"To me, mindfulness means quietness, peacefulness, and belly breathing. That helps calm you down." 4th Grade Student
"Mindfulness means being respectful to yourself." 2nd Grade Student