Global Education

Our Laurence Tradition

Laurence's founders have always believed in the importance of giving students a broader perspective of our world. Their hope is for students to understand and appreciate differences, while at the same time learn that we have common bonds as human beings.

Global Projects

Each grade level is paired with a sister school whose home country becomes the subject of cultural and historical studies. Students engage in a variety of projects and activities designed to make connections with sister school students and lessons about sister countries tangible.

  • Students Skype, email, and share videos with peers at sister schools.
  • A 1st Grade class took a virtual walking tour of Beijing and created murals of the city.
  • Third Grade students studied and drew important landmarks in Great Britain in art class.

Laurence families bring their diverse cultural heritage to the school, decorating the library with art from countries such as China, Holland, India, and Mexico. Parents and grandparents spend the day in our library sharing their cultural histories during school-wide presentations.

Global Faire

Each year at our Spring Open House, our Global Garden Parent Association Committee helps our teachers and students produce the Global Faire – a celebration of the school year's global educational studies. The faire includes international dancers and food stations, as well as displays of each grade level's global studies projects.

Cultural Assemblies

Students have the opportunity to see performances highlighting international cultures and American subcultures during special school assemblies. Performances have included Native American folktale reenactments, Chinese dance troops, and opera singers.