Character Education

At Laurence, we "Keep Kind in Mind!"

Represent the "L"

Represent the "L" stands for lessons in life, learning, and leadership that Laurence students learn through our Character Education program. The program includes service learning and strives to grow our students' empathy levels and concern for others. Character education is integral to Laurence's educational philosophy, which is why it is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Each school year, the program is centered on a specific theme, providing a student-focused curriculum. Recent themes include "Solve and Evolve," "Kindness in Action," and "Keep Kind in Mind," which in particular has become a motto around our school. 

The program stresses the importance of being a positive member of the community and taking action to help others. Through teaching and modeling generosity, responsibility, and kindness, we shape good students into good citizens, who Represent the "L” by acting as leaders and ambassadors for the School.

Students put these lessons into practice by participating in and leading a variety of service learning projects.

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