//Awards & Achievements

Students at Laurence are encouraged to achieve their highest potential academically and otherwise, always striving for their personal best.
Aside from the excitement of receiving awards and accolades, our students learn the satisfaction of working hard to accomplish goals and rising to the occasion when challenged.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Students who receive a nationally-normed ERB score of 96% or higher on the math and/or verbal section are qualified for the Talent Search exam, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University - the School and College Ability Test.

Chess Mates

Our Chess Club began several years ago with 12 students and quickly became one of our most popular after school activities. We now have more than 40 Chess Mates who meet weekly and compete in multiple tournaments during the year.

Published Poets

Our students have had their poems published in several literary magazines and anthologies focused on student poetry. Their poems have been winners and top picks, and have received other accolaeds in these publications, which choose poems from thousands of entries nationwide.


Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades have the opportunity to join the Laurence Math Club, which meets weekly to explore geometry, algebraic thinking, and a multitude of problem-solving activities. These exercises incorporate 3-D figures, numerical puzzles, and logical conundrums.

WordMasters Challenge

The WordMasters Challenge is a national language arts competition, where students are given a list of challenging words and definitions, and then are challenged to use these words to complete analogies and enhance their critical thinking skills.


Laurence offers teams at all levels of competition, resulting in a steady 90% student participation rate in our interscholastic athletic program for 4th through 6th Grade students.