6th Grade


As 6th Graders, our students are Laurence School's seniors. You can recognize them by their special Letterman jackets. The 6th Grade curriculum stimulates and challenges students to refine their time management and study skills and become better critical and creative thinkers. In addition, they develop greater independence and responsibility for monitoring their own work and goals, strengthen their leadership abilities, and make a difference in the lives of others by mentoring younger students and performing acts of kindness.

This culminating year is memorable for our students as they take on lead roles in the upper school musical, the student newspaper, and Student Leadership, as well as participate in our Kids' Court mock trial program.

Our Technology Curriculum

Laurence's technology curriculum begins in Kindergarten and progresses through the grades, setting a strong pace of learning focused on computational thinking skills, the design process, practical technology use, coding, and, of course, the joy of discovery, making, and tinkering!

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