Tradition & Innovation

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Laurence School provides a strong academic program with a 21st-century approach that remains at the cutting edge of education.

  • Rooted in the promotion of intellectual curiosity, our curriculum motivates students to understand important concepts, explore their special interests and talents, engage in real-world discovery, and connect curricular ideas to their everyday environment.
  • For more than six decades, we have shaped a well-balanced program that juxtaposes higher-level thinking skills with academic creativity. Our curriculum balances strong traditional academics with project-based, experiential learning, diverse enrichment opportunities, and a character education program, focusing on children's social, emotional, and behavioral development.
  • We also take a cross-curricular approach, integrating these features throughout the school's programs. Additionally, our curriculum is guided by our personalized and innovative teachings, as well as by the California State Frameworks, California State Standards, and current educational research.
  • Laurence students also learn the skills needed for success in the 21st century - these include collaboration, communication, leadership, resilience, perseverance, comfort with new technologies, creativity, understanding multiple perspectives, and design thinking.

The result is that Laurence truly educates the "Total Child."

A Tailored Learning Experience

Picture of teacher with student using fruit as circuitry connected to a laptop

Laurence has many students who require enriched learning experiences and opportunities to work beyond their grade level, and our academic program is tailored to meet these student's needs, as well as the needs of students progressing at grade level.

We emphasize children's abilities to master concepts, to enhance and sharpen their thinking skills, to transfer and apply knowledge to new situations, and to create new ideas. Ultimately, our philosophy is to meet everyone's unique learning, social, and emotional needs by providing a developmentally appropriate and holistic education to each and every Laurence student.

Small, Ability-Based Learning Groups

By knowing each learner and his/her cognitive ability, maturity level, and total development, we are able to place our students appropriately, meeting them where they are and encouraging them to stretch to their fullest potential. Our flexible, ability-based learning groups in reading and math motivate our students to progress at their own pace with their own style of learning in mind.

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