Student Life

Laurence is more than a school – it's a community.
Through our Buddy Program, multi-grade level elective classes, and school-wide events, students have the opportunity to meaningfully interact with students in other grade levels. Events, such as our weekly Friday assemblies and Planting Day, along with school-wide community service projects, allow our student body to come together during the school day to share experiences, creating a feeling of interconnectedness.

Students also actively participate in the life of the school through athletics, speaking and performing at assemblies, leading school-wide community service projects, serving as Student Ambassadors, and reporting on the community in our school newspaper.

Community Highlights


Each year, all students are paired with a "Buddy" in a different grade. Through weekly activities, both Buddies benefit from spending one-on-one time with each other during activities, such as reading time, art projects, and creating care packages for non-profit organizations.


On Fridays, we come together as a community to celebrate school pride, birthdays, and other important events. Students regularly present community service projects, encourage participation in service projects, perform songs and dances, and more.

Student Leadership

Student representatives help to organize school-wide community service projects, deliver presentations during assemblies, and hone their leadership skills through a multitude of activities. Click here to learn more.

Planting Day

Each fall, students plant the Edible Garden crops during a school-wide Planting Day led by 5th and 6th Grade students. During this event, the older students also lead buddy activities in the science lab and read stories. Click here to learn more.


Super Service Sunday

Our entire student and parent body come together on Super Service Sunday to make sandwiches for the food pantry, collect books, make household good care packages, homemade cards and more, all benefitting our school's four partner charities. Click here to learn about our Service Learning program.

Open House

Each spring, our entire community comes together for an Open House, which includes the Farmers' Market, a Global Faire, and our student Art Show. Students can see each other's classroom projects, works of art, and global education topics. The Farmers' Market is run by the 5th Grade and includes products produced by each grade level.


More than 90% of Laurence's 4th through 6th Graders take part in our interscholastic sports programs. Different teams and siblings attend both home and away games, cheering on our Laurence Lightning athletes. Click here to learn more about our Athletics program.


Students report on the life of our community in the Lightning Striker. Through interviews with teachers and administrators, writing stories about campus life, and capturing the community in photographs, students actively create a feeling of community through the newspaper.