From our PA Board

Dear Laurence Parents, 

Diana Brown, Jen Davis, Mike Eaglin, Anne Marie Esser, Tina Khalatian, Chiara Slewett, Joanna Woodruff and I, are proud to be your Laurence Parent Association Board for 2020-2021.  We are honored to represent and support you and our entire Laurence Parent Body for the school year.  We know this coming school year is going to look and feel different, so as we move through the year, we appreciate your flexibility!  

Our PA goal for 2020-2021 is to still make a significant impact on our children’s daily lives, regardless of the current climate, and safely find ways to bring our Laurence families together and stay connected!  We recognize this will be no easy feat, but we are up for the challenge and know our Laurence Families are as well!  

The Laurence Parent Association belongs to you!  And although this year we will not be volunteering on campus for the safety of our children and the Laurence Community, we encourage you to take an active role in the Parent Association by sharing your time and talents on one or more of our Volunteer Committees.  

Now, more than ever, we have a need for Parent Volunteers and your PA team has been collaborating with last year’s Volunteer Committee Chairs to restructure and find ways for this year’s Volunteer Committees to be effective and fulfilling, regardless of the pandemic.  We are grateful to our returning Volunteers and if you have never Volunteered or are new to the Laurence Community, please consider joining a Committee where you will feel safest and most impactful.  We would love to work with you and have you involved! 

On behalf of your Parent Association Board, WELCOME to your Laurence Parent Association!  We are here to support you and appreciate your input and ideas.  Please connect with any one of us with questions, suggestions, input or just to say “Hi”!  We look forward to making the best of the 2020-2021, together.  

Warm Regards and Stay Safe, 

Annie Goto
Laurence Parent Association President, 2020-2021

Diana Brown
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Jen Davis
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Mike Eaglin
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Anne Marie Esser
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Tina Khalatian
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Chiara Slewett
Laurence Parent Association Vice President, 2020-2021

Joanna Woodruff
Laurence Parent Association Vice President & Treasurer, 2020-2021