TreePeople Field Trip for Our Kindergarteners

Last week, our Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to TreePeople!

See below for details about this adventure from one of the members of our Kindergarten team and click here for some fun photos.

A Visit to the City Forest

By: Melanie Sherwood, Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten had an awesome time on our field trip to TreePeople. We met "Dr. Dirt," who told us how to make mulch. Mulch is what keeps the soil nutritious for trees and plants. We were "detectives" and found "secrets" which helped us remember that trees need soil, air, water, sun, and love to grow healthy and strong. We also learned that trees are really important to people and animals because they make oxygen for us to breathe, and they also give us good fruit and nuts to eat.

During our fun "zero-waste" picnic, a representative from The Wildlife Learning Center enriched our field trip by bringing a porcupine, a Burmese python, a serval, and a few other animals. We had a chance to observe and learn about these creatures.

We learned so much and had a lot of fun on our field trip to the TreePeople, and we definitely recommend it to any of our Laurence families who would like to learn about this "city forest." In addition, our families also may want to visit the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar to learn about the amazing work they are doing to help rescue animals.