Second Grade Sinterklaas Celebration

This week, the 2nd Grade classes continued their studies about the Netherlands, where their sister school is located, by learning about Sinterklaas - the Dutch Santa Claus. Unlike our Santa, Sinterklaas is very serious, carries a staff, rides a white horse, and arrives on a boat from Spain on St. Nicholas Day, which is December 6th. He also has helpers who go down chimneys to deliver toys and treats to boys and girls who have been good. Instead of leaving lumps of coal for those who have been "naughty," it is said that Sinterklaas takes those children back to Spain with him. In class, the students discussed whether that was a punishment or a vacation! The children had so much fun learning about Sinterklaas and making Sinterklaas hats, while tasting traditional treats that are similar to gingerbread cookies.