Second Annual Laurence Invitational Math Tournament
Second Annual Laurence Invitational Math Tournament

By Jennifer Kovacs, Math Specialist and Coach
Last Saturday was the second annual Laurence Invitational Math Tournament. One hundred fifteen students - 23 teams - from Laurence and area schools, including Curtis, The Center for Early Education, Echo Horizon, Polytechnic, St. Mark's, St. James, and High Point Academy, competed in individual and team rounds. The tournament was created by Laurence Math Coaches Jennifer Kovacs and Lauren Cantrell, with original math problems created by Cathy Hoyt, math specialist. These problems were challenging, testing students' abilities to problem solve with creativity and ingenuity.  In addition to our 50 Laurence Mathletes who competed in the tournament, five Class of 2018 alumni (and former Mathletes) came to help administer the tournament.
A special congratulations to all of our Mathletes who placed in the tournament!
4th/5th Team Round Second Place:  Joaquin P., Max H., Maya A., Caroline L., Sarah S.
4th/5th Team Round First Place:  Mae Mae G., Bodhi L., Christian M., Sage B., Andres M.
6th Team Round Second Place:  Alene A., Kira S., Diya S., Ronan L., Anthony S.
4th/5th Individual Round Third Place:  Aidan E., Christian M.
4th/5th Individual Round Second Place:  Andres M.
4th/5th Individual Round First Place:  Bodhi L.
6th Individual Round Third Place:  Emmett M.
6th Individual Round First Place:  Ronan L.
Congratulations to these students and to all of our Laurence Mathletes on a job well done! We'd also like to thank all of our parent volunteers, administrators, faculty, and staff, who made the tournament such a huge success!
Click here to see photos from last weekend's tournament!