Ideas from Your Fellow Parents for Staying Positive and  Having Fun at Home
Ideas from Your Fellow Parents for Staying Positive and Having Fun at Home


During yesterday's parent discussion with Dr. K and the Administrative Team, so many of you shared the ways you have been staying positive, spending quality time at home with your families, and how you have been finding ways to have fun virtually with friends and family. Since not everyone was able to make the discussion, we wanted to share these ideas with you! Also included below are the links we shared with you last week with ideas for books, movies, cooking and baking, science activities, virtual museum and park visits, and more!

Ideas from your fellow parents:

  • During family dinners, everyone shares three things they are grateful for. 
  • Journaling - writing down how you are feeling and what you are grateful for. One of our families recommended this journal specifically for kids.
  • Write letters! Grandparents and grandbuddies are especially likely to experience loneliness during this time, so have your children write letters and send drawings to them. Additionally, your kids can write letters to doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, postal workers, etc.
  • Family Lego challenges. (Google "30-day Lego Challenge" for building ideas.)
  • Watch Netflix movies with friends using "Netflix Party" on your Chrome browser.
  • Write stories together! One of our students was sad to miss Spring Break visits with cousins, so they are writing a story together, taking turns writing chapters.
  • Play Monopoly! One of our 3rd grade students has already figured out how to beat her parents, all while practicing math and learning financial skills.
  • Play Pictionary with friends using Zoom's whiteboard function. (Zoom instructions for accessing the whiteboard.)
  • Cook together - try making pizzas, it's fun and easy for kids.
  • One of our students was feeling strange that she hadn't gone anywhere in the car. Your kids may not even realize that they need this, but it was helpful to one of our families to just drive around in the car! For even more fun, roll the windows down and listen to music!
  • Family P.E. time! Each person in the family gets to take a turn picking the day's activity.
  • Spend time outdoors! Family walks, kicking the soccer ball around, anything that helps you and your family get some Vitamin D (safely and at least 6 feet from other people).

Additional resources for you and your family:

From the Laurence School website (thank you, Mrs. Beck):

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