Published Poets
Published Poets


We are proud to announce that four Laurence 5th graders' poems were top ten winners in the 2019 Youth Honor Awards in Skipping Stones magazine. The poems appear in the current Oct. – Dec. 2019 issue of the national multicultural literary magazine.  The contest honors the student for their creative work promoting an understanding of cultural diversity and/or appreciation of nature.
Congratulations to the following students, who were selected among thousands of entries:

  • Noa G. for "Time"
  • Zoe K. for "Red as Blood"
  • Calvin K. for "The Beautiful Marine Life"
  • Mae Mae G. for "Melted Down"

(Poems are included in full, below.)
Congratulations to these poets for Representing the "L"!

By Noa G.
It's running out
No time to think
Or talk
Or drink
No time to relax 
It's moving down, slowly, sinking, drowning
Too quick
It's moving fast
It almost passed
I've gasped and asked
But it won't stop

* * * 

 Red As Blood
By Zoe K.
flickering flames roar in the distance 
blazing red dragons gobble up dry, bare ground 
burning trees and grass blow in the wind 
ash and cinders cover the ground 
a single flame creating a whole conflagration 
light taking over the dusty, parched ground 
a tiny flare can do horrible things 
an orange light flashing through the tall grass 
burning down everything in its way 
to yield the heat of flames 
whatever is left of the heated storm 
water may put it out 
but one more flame will live 
many people will need to act 
or else natural communities surrounding will burn 
plenty of ashes created by smokey, hot waves of fire 
red coals burning 
smell of burnt wood 
sparks soar through the sky 
orange and red flames jump in the air 
burning inside 
uncontrollable, raging power 
a hot blaze capturing every soul 
like natural candles 
burning down to the very last drop of wax 
cold, wet logs now dry and burnt 
a door opening to the flaming world 
ground representing a match caught aflame 
making a giant campfire

* * * 

The Beautiful Marine Life
By Calvin K.
Different creatures spread across splashing turquoise waves,
All swimming fast and slow around colorful coral 
As they leave bubbles behind, other fish follow in amusement.
Schools of vibrant fish swim in, around and around.
The sun light shines in, bringing shining light.
The tide turns as it washes shells on to the sandy beach,
Sleek sharks swim trying to find prey.
Turtles gracefully glide around all kinds of creatures.
Kelp forests dance around the ocean floor.
So much life is swimming in a deep blue land;
Seahorses slowly float around looking for food.
Quick seals speed around gracefully.
Spiky Sea Urchins lay still in shallow waters
Crabs and Lobsters scuttle around kicking up grains of rock
Bioluminescent Sea Jellies pulse as they inch themselves around. 
Octopuses camouflage into their surroundings
Slimy Sea Cucumbers rest on the floor of sand
Sharp Pufferfish exhale as they expand into a ball
    Giant whales jump out of the water creating ripples in the water.
Sea anemones wave their sticky tentacles around
Fast dolphins shoot through the water like rockets
    Seashells lay on the sea bed, as animals look inside them
Angler Fish lure their prey with glowing lights
Sneaky eels hide in dark spaces waiting for a victim
Smooth Manta Rays fly around in the marine world
Narwhals swing their giant horns around ice
Manatees lumber around in their habitat
We need to preserve our wonderful ocean and keep it safe
It is a miracle of life. 

* * *
Melted Down
By Mae Mae G.
Slowly dripping into nothingness 
I need to act, to do something 
Melting, heated 
Devastated, unbelieving 
Permafrost and glaciers 
In a matter of seconds 
A matter of what you do