Parent Support
Parent Support

by Dr. Rachel Kavanaugh


Parents and Caregivers,

Recently the Laurence Community was so fortunate to have Dr. Berman return for a Parent Education Series aptly titled, "Parenting in a Pandemic: Teaching Flexibility and the Power of Pivot, Distress Tolerance, and the Gift of Holding Two Feelings at Once." If you were unable to attend, I strongly encourage you to watch the recording as she discusses various strategies that can be helpful for not only your child, but you as well! You can find the video on the Parent Portal under School Videos - please click here.

Additionally, please join me for my upcoming community talks. The topic in discussion will be: "Why and How to Use Play to Improve Interactions and Behaviors".

For extra support, be sure to visit Dr. K's Corner, my new blog, where I will be sharing great ideas to help support you and your children this school year.