Virtual Birthday Celebration!
Virtual Birthday Celebration!


Although we weren't able to celebrate some birthdays at our March assemblies, we want to send happy birthday wishes to the following students! And be on the lookout for a special surprise tomorrow morning on Instagram!

  • Ari K.
  • Margot D.
  • Izzi K.
  • Genevieve E.
  • Luc B.
  • Evyn D.
  • Cooper B.
  • Felix H.
  • Sebastian W.
  • Joshua C.
  • Taylor B.
  • Luca C.
  • Michael E.
  • Maxime D.
  • Ryder F.
  • Olivia G.
  • Austin R.
  • Joaquin P.
  • Layla S-L.
  • Lucas S-L.
  • Aubrey C.

Happy birthday! Sending you all of our love!