Lowman School Visit
Lowman School Visit

As part of Laurence's commitment to Character Education, we have an established relationship with the Lowman School, which educates severely disabled children.

Last Friday, our 6th Graders had the unique opportunity to spend the day with students and faculty of the Lowman School. Throughout the year, Laurence supports Lowman through events such as the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive and the Holiday Toy Drive, but this visit was truly remarkable because our students had the opportunity to spend a few hours interacting directly with students from Lowman on our campus. 
The children spent the morning playing sports, making music, and having snacks together. It was amazing to witness how quickly the bonds of friendship can form between children, and watching our 6th Graders show such genuine compassion for others was truly touching. After the event, our students spent time reflecting on the visit and put their thoughts into words by writing a response to their thoughts, feelings, and insights through poetry.
Perhaps the best way to get a feel for this special day is through viewing the photos and reading what some of our 6th Graders had to say - below are several of their reflections. 

When he smiled the world stopped
When he clapped I fell apart
I didn't know I had these feelings until i met them
When I threw the ball
I got nervous every time
When he caught it
I was relieved
he threw it back out at me
He couldn't talk
And couldn't walk
He was not weird, not different
But special
He was perfect and normal
But in his own way
When his wheelchair rolled
My heart skipped a beat
I smiled, bigger than ever before
The sun was shining
The kids were smiling
It was just right
I know he loved it
Although he couldn't say
I felt a connection
Different than any other
The twinkle in his eye showed
He was my friend
In a different way
You have a challenge every day
And you push through
Although you look a little different
You are stronger than anyone I know
You're inspiring
And all you have to do
Is smile
By Ellie

A little girl trapped in this unworking body
She is one of us
Needing to be taken care of
Little happy girl twirling into the suns aroma
Wanting to be accepted
Couldn't wait to come
Ringing the bell strong
She is different
Not noticing what other people think
Living life to the fullest
Being proud of who she is,
Aren't we all different in a good way
That's what defines who we are
You can be anyone you want
You just have to believe
That's what I've learned
By Camryn

A Different Perspective
They are different
But they are special just like us
Seeing them pull up in the bright yellow bus
Watching the kids come off the bus with huge smiles on their faces
Nervous, but excited
Jordana right next to me
He had the biggest smile 
He was special
The Lowman School kids are not like us
But they sparkle in the same way
I loved playing with Chuy
We threw the ball back and forth
Chuy loved bubbles
He kept saying, "Bubbles!"
Eventually, we got him bubbles
He loved it
Once a year they visit
The day they visit is the best day
When we went into the music room there were all kinds of instruments
Chuy liked the chimes
It sounded almost like a fairy had just sprinkled her dust on an innocent, sleeping child
He was clapping and screaming with joy
We were laughing and having the best time
I felt happy, and I felt proud
We had a dance party and Chuy had the biggest smile on his face
He was dancing to the beat
Then came the wheelchair race
We won one time and he was so excited
Seeing him smile made me feel so happy for him
I felt like I like a part of a big family
A family from two different schools
I know they are not the same as us
But they are special in their own way
Just like us
by Zoe

The Lowman School was coming today
I was waiting at the bus stop
Listening to a tap in my heart

Jasmine was slowly lowered off the bus
She couldn't see me but could sense that I was there
I didn't know how to reach out
I was nervous inside
Listening to the tap in my heart get louder

Even though she could not see or walk, 
she was a dancer at heart
Loved when the music played
I found a way to connect to her through dance and music
I could hear the firm tapping beat in my heart

Playing outside
She was laughing and smiling
She was so happy that she was glowing with joy
And when there were hula hoops, bubbles, and music,
that smile on her face got wider
And that strengthened the solid, tapping beat in my heart

The wheelchair race
She felt the wind brushing across her face as her chair sped across the playground
She clutched my hand tightly
And I heard the tapping noise in my heart return

The bus was being loaded
It was Jasmine's turn to get on the ramp
I waved goodbye to her
I was so sad that the day had to end
Now I feel lucky that I am myself;
My wonderful, healthy, fully capable self
And the tapping in my heart slowly sailed away
by Kate