Lightning Athletics: A Big Week for Girls Basketball
Lightning Athletics: A Big Week for Girls Basketball

Our fall athletics season is off to a great start! Here some of this week’s basketball highlights! 

Laurence vs. Curtis
The 4th Grade Girls Green team played a great first game this week. They played with a lot of heart. Going down early 4-0, then coming back to take the lead 5-4, before eventually falling 7-8 to Curtis. But they didn't go down without a fight. We had a couple of girls who scored the first baskets of their Laurence careers - Avery P. with 6 points and Ava V.M. with a free throw to bring us within one point. It was an energetic game, fans were going crazy, loud, and cheering. it was an exciting game and we look forward to the next one. Final score: 7-8, loss.

The 4th Grade Girls Blue team’s first game was highlighted by tremendous passing on the offensive end and tenacious effort on the defensive end. Final score: 14-2, Lightning!

Laurence vs. Laurel Hall 
The 4th Grade Girls Yellow team had an exciting first game against Laurel Hall. Final score: 16-3, Lightning! 

The 5th Grade Girls Yellow team also got off to a strong start during their first game - all girls on the team scored at least one basket. Final score: 24-1, Lightning!

Laurence vs. VBS
The 6th Grade Girls Yellow team got off to a quick lead, and all of the girls scored in their first game this season. Final score: 25-9, Lightning!

The 6th Grade Girls Green team showed off their defensive skills in a strong win against the VBS Lions. In addition to their tough defense, the girls also shot the ball well from mid-range. Final score: 22-13, Lightning!