Global Perspectives: El Salvador

As part of our Global Perspectives Program, Laurence School staff members Maria Calvo and Jesse Servin shared their families' culture and the history of El Salvador. As the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is known for its volcanoes, black sandy beaches, and terrific surf spots. However soccer is the most beloved sport of all. Both Coach Servin and Maria have family members who were heavily involved with the soccer culture both in El Salvador and around the world.

Pupusas are an El Salvadorian specialty that many of our students were aware of and enamored with, and during the presentations, they were given the opportunity to enjoy an El Salvadorian sweet cheese bread called quesadillas. We also learned that San Salvador is the largest city in El Salvador, and throughout the countryside, are many coffee plantations. The national bird is the Torogoz.

Thank you to Maria and Coach Servin for teaching our students all about El Salvador! Click here to see photos.