Six Laurence Students Published in "Pine Tree Poetry 2018 Collection"
Six Laurence Students Published in "Pine Tree Poetry 2018 Collection"

We are pleased to announce that six Laurence students have been published in a new national poetry anthology, The Pine Tree Poetry 2018 Collection.  Congratulations to 5th Graders Alene A., Harper D., Ronan L., Eli S., Jack S., and Anthony S.

 In honor of National Poetry Month last April, students were invited to write a poem for review and publishing consideration in The Pine Tree Poetry 2018 Collection. 

The following are the selected poems.  Congratulations to these students for Representing the "L"!


By Ronan L.

Winter is white snow

It tastes like hot cocoa

It sounds like falling snow and yells from snowball fights

It smells like smooth crushed-up ice

It looks like a white blanket covering the land

It makes me feel cold and happy


A Wonder of the Jungle
By Alene A.

A blue macaw is a deep blue gem

Dashing through a maze of trees

It tastes like a fresh glass of lemonade

Swiftly sinking into my mouth

It sounds like the perfect morning

In a hot and humid tropical oasis

It smells like coconut trees as it soars through

The vast, open sky

It looks like an indigo sapphire

Darting through the wind

It makes me feel content as it flaps its delicate wings

By Anthony S.

Baseball is calm and relaxing

Baseball tastes like sweetness and victory

It sounds like the rough ball going into the brown glove

It smells like filthy dust and dirt

It looks like hundreds of fans cheering on the teams

It makes me feel a rush of energy on the field


By Eli S.
The rainforest is a wide mysterious place full of life

It tastes like brisk, cold wind soaring through my hair

It sounds like an animal kingdom

Singing their many songs

It smells like the day after a thunderstorm

It looks like a mammoth stretch of land

Teeming with wildlife

It makes me feel covered and protected

A Mountain
By Harper D. 

A mountain is majestic

It tastes like a fresh pile of rocks

It sounds like birds chirping in the distance

It smells like fresh fertilizer

It looks like a gigantic snow cone

It makes me feel calm and fresh

A Snowy Christmas
By Jack S.

Christmas is snowy

It tastes like warm cookies fresh out of the oven

It sounds like Santa saying "Ho ho ho"

It smells like pine cones by the fire

It looks like snow falling from the blue sky

It makes me feel like the happiest kid in the world