Celebrating Mexican Independence Day with Collaboration and Connection
Celebrating Mexican Independence Day with Collaboration and Connection


Our school community enjoyed celebrating Mexican Independence Day at last Friday's Assembly! Thanks to the Brown family, we started off our morning with delicious, warm pan dulce and watched the Ballet Folklórico Flor de Mayo dance troupe perform traditional dances to Veracruz, Nueva Leon, and Jalisco. Then, our 5th grade class performed an incredibly special song called "We Are One," which they wrote last year as part of a collaborative project with their 4th grade sister school, the Sixto Osuna Matutina School in Villa Union, Mexico. 
The lyrics were based on a class-generated theme: standing united as one, despite the distance that separates us. Parent, Diana Brown, translated the lyrics into Spanish, and Mrs. Bruns and Mr. Sheridan wrote music to go with them. We recorded our 4th graders (now 5th graders) singing the song in English, while Brown went to the school in Mexico to record Sixto Osuna students' performance in Spanish. Mrs. Bruns combined the vocal tracks from both schools to create one song. During the assembly, we watched a video of the Sixta Osuna students singing the song along with our 5th graders. The experience was so moving that there were definitely some tears in the audience. This collaboration exemplified the true connection between our students and the students in Mexico - a connection that represents the heart of our Sister Schools Program.
A special thank you to Diana Brown for connecting Laurence to the Sixta Osuna Matutina School and for dedicating her time and talents to this project, as well as to our 4th grade teachers for their support!

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