A Cappella Group the Yale Spizzwinks(?) Visits Laurence

Alumnus Dylan Schifrin (2010) visited Laurence last Friday with his a cappella group, the Yale Spizzwinks(?). The group, who perform all over the world, sang multiple numbers for students, parents, and faculty at our RWB&G Assembly, as well as entertained everyone with a humorous skit making fun of Yale's infamous rival school.

"I hope our performance shows you what it's like when you stick with what you're passionate about," Dylan told students. "Whether you like singing or something else, I want to encourage you to pursue it because it can really take you to great places."

The Spizzwinks(?) spent time with the Glee Club, too. Members of the group taught a beatboxing lesson, explained their process for choosing songs and arranging the music, and answered students' questions about their craft. The Glee Club then performed "Do Re Mi" for our visitors, who joyfully tapped their feet and moved to the music produced by our elementary singers.

We would like to thank Dylan for bringing the Spizzwinks(?) to Laurence and for making the morning special for our whole community! To see photos and videos from the visit, check out the SmugMug gallery here.