Congrats to our Debate Team!


On Saturday, May 14th, our debate team participated in a championship competition which resulted in an incredible end to a great first season!

Three of the top six teams (out of 42!) were made up of Laurence students. In the individual speaker portion, we had four students make the top ten (and eight students in the top 25.) In the overall win percentage, Laurence School came in second place! The team that consisted of Madi N., Lucy S., and Charlie E. went undefeated but ultimately lost in the final, “super championship” round in front of the entire league.

We are so proud of our students for all their hard work and dedication! We want to thank the team's inspirational leaders, Dov Engelberg and Christian Schneider, for creating a strong and committed debate culture at Laurence. We look forward to keeping the momentum strong next school year and well into the future!