Chessmates Compete in the US Chess Elementary Championships

by Robert Romano, Chess Coach

The 2022 US Chess Elementary Championships in Columbus, Ohio, are now over. Five brave Laurence students participated, and truly Represented the “L” with grace and dignity. We are so proud of our students: Maddy O. (1st), Cayden T. (2nd), Max F. (3rd), Paxton B. (3rd)., and Tyler M. (5th).

There were over 1,000 participants of all ranks and levels from across the country. These players were the best and the brightest. Players had two games on Friday, three games on Saturday and two more on Sunday. Each round could last up to 3 hours! Our kids were fierce, coming back smarter and stronger after every round. Every time you win a round, your opponents get tougher, so by mid-tournament, the REAL chess is beginning. There were tears and disappointments, as is to be expected, but as a group they were so supportive of each other, and did a beautiful job of lifting each other's spirits. They were all humble in victory, and in defeat. They embraced the saying, “there is no losing in chess, only learning.” More importantly, I have not heard so much, nor so pure and hearty, laughter from five kids in a long time. 

It is heartwarming! In the end, trophies were won, medals were had, but most importantly, they GREW, as players, as friends and in their self-confidence and self-esteem.  It took a lot of courage for these students to participate in this tournament.  It’s the “World Series” of Scholastic Chess. Congratulations to them all! Next year, we’re off to Baltimore!