Celebrating Armenian History Month


Let's learn about Armenia! In Los Angeles County, Armenian History Month is celebrated throughout the month of April. Read on to see a few examples of how our school community celebrated Armenian culture and history!

  • A display was set up in the library for students to visit and learn a little bit more about the country. A special snack bar took place for students, faculty and staff to try a special Armenian snack.
  • Fourth grade welcomed a guest speaker during music class! Saro Koujakian, from the band Armenian Public Radio, taught students about all the different instruments used to create Armenian music. He then played the guitar and sang Armenian songs. The kids had a blast!
  • After listening to a presentation put on by some of our parents, our kindergarteners crafted their own flag and tried some traditional foods. A big thank you to those who put together this learning experience for our students!
  • Students who identify as Armenian shared facts about the country at morning assembly. Afterwards, the community enjoyed a special performance of traditional Armenian dances!