October 22nd Assembly Parking & Protocols


We are excited to welcome 6th grade parents and parents of children receiving birthday ribbons to our October 22nd assembly (click here for the schedule of upcoming assemblies, and please note the changes allowing two grades at each of our future dates). At this time, we are only able to welcome fully vaccinated parents onto campus. We hope to invite siblings and other family members in the future.
Health & Safety:

  • If you are sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have been recently exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home
  • Guests must wear a mask at all times (both indoors and outdoors) while on campus. 
  • Check-in is required for all visitors per LACDPH guidelines.

Carpool Drop-off:

  • Please drop your children off at their regular carpool location between 7:45 am and 8:10 am.

Please note: this assembly will take place on the Lightning Field, so on campus parking will be very limited. Carpools and ride shares are strongly encouraged. See below for parking information.

Limited On-Campus Parking Available in the Corner Lot:

  • Limited valet parking will be available in the Corner Lot (Gate #2) during carpool, and right afterwards.
    • If you drop off in the Corner Lot, valet will direct you after your child exits the car.
      • If you are attending an assembly, we would appreciate you arriving toward the latter part of the carpool window! 
    • If you drop off in the PAC Lot, please drop your child off at the PAC first, and then come back around to the Corner Lot to park.
  • Should you choose to use the limited street parking near campus, please check for any parking restrictions and enter through the Front Office (Administration Building) on Victory Blvd. 
  • Please note that the Tequilas’ Restaurant parking lot will be reserved for faculty/staff parking in order to clear the Corner Lot for parent parking.


  • Check-in begins in the Corner Lot at 8:15 am – if you arrive prior to 8:15 am, please wait in your car until check-in opens.
  • Once you’ve checked-in, please proceed to the Secret Garden area, where an administrator will escort you to the Lightning Field.

Assembly Information:

  • Assembly will start promptly at 8:30 am on the Lightning Field.
  • Parents are required to stay in the designated parent viewing area and may not approach the front to take photos. 
  • At the conclusion of the assembly, please wait to leave until all students/faculty have departed the Lightning Field; then return directly to the Corner Lot to retrieve your car. We kindly ask that parents do not visit classrooms or linger on campus at this time.
  • Please do not post videos or photographs from school events on social media. 

We thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to safely welcoming you to campus for this Friday's RWB&G assembly!