Laurence Debate Team Excels in Final Tournament

By Christian Schneider (of Mulholland Prep), Debate Team Coach

Last weekend, Laurence’s 5th and 6th Grade Debate Team competed in the championship tournament! One of our Laurence teams, which consisted of Mila B., Layla L., and Mila L., made it all the way to the championship round and competed in front of the entire league against the top-ranked team from another local school! They did not win, sadly, but they were INCREDIBLE all day, and the whole league was blown away that a 5th grade team made it to the finals. They placed second overall in our final competition.

On top of that, another team, consisting of  Sydney H., Felix H., and Alex G., placed 12th overall, winning three of their four rounds. Max F. placed 17th in individual speaker points, Layla L.  placed 10th, Jack D. placed 6th, and Mila L. placed 5th. So, Laurence took home a slew of trophies! We're incredibly proud of all who competed, including Josie P. and Taylor E., who unexpectedly had to pull double speaker duties... and Josie did it with a broken arm!

We are so proud of all of our debate team members! Way to Represent the “L”!

Photo of students in Debate at their championship tournament