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I spend a lot of time traveling the country to visit other schools and talking to educational experts, psychologists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to bring back big and new ideas to Laurence, our faculty and our families.

Mentoring Your Children in Balanced Technology Use

At Laurence, the social-emotional health of our students is paramount.  As we strive to help students and parents successfully navigate the challenges of living in a digital world, teaching our students balanced technology use and responsible digital citizenship are priorities to us. Last fall, I blogged about the importance of device-free time, and I am following up with a "part B" to provide you with more information and resources on this topic, including ideas for how to encourage positive media use.

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Raising Resilient Children

You may have heard me share that resilience is one of the most important life skills that we can teach our kids. They need to be able to roll with life's ups and downs, great projects and those that didn't quite work out, a win on the field and a loss on the court. Some days everyone's your friend and other days you might struggle. But the goal is to stay positive, deal head-on with whatever happens by reflecting, and move forward. ... Read the full article to learn what you can do to help your children build resiliency.

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Device-Free Time to Improve Your Children's Intellect (and Yours!)

Like so many of you, I find it challenging to strike a balance between the attention commanded by my iPhone and my logical understanding that it is important to put it away. This powerful device allows me to work on the go, read the "newspaper" in between meetings, peruse the Instagram feeds of my friends and family to keep up with their daily lives, make a dinner reservation in under a minute, or look up a fact that is eluding me in seconds. Yet the attention this miraculous device draws drains our brains and our children's brains.

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