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Laurie Wolke, Head of School
I spend a lot of time traveling the country to visit other schools and talking to educational experts, psychologists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to bring back big and new ideas to Laurence, our faculty and our families.

From our Head of School

Dear Laurence Family, 

One of my favorite days of the year will soon be upon us... the first day of school! The joy and excitement of that first day is something that I look forward to all summer long. You are all a part of my family, and it feels like one big reunion when everyone comes "home."

We will be kicking off the year with a continuation of our character education program, "Keep Kind in Mind."  This school year we will focus on the "7 Kinds of Kindness," looking at ways to be Kind to Ourselves, Kind to Others, and Kind to the Earth, at developmentally-appropriate levels for each grade level.  We will take a renewed look at sustainability and ways that we can preserve and protect our planet. 

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Laurie Wolke with students
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