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Thanks for checking out my blog! Holding true to Laurence’s “Total Child” values, I support students’ social and emotional development and growth proactively by immersing myself daily in their school world. I utilize relational, cognitive behavioral, and strengths-based approaches in my interventions, support, and consultations. Therefore, this blog is intended to highlight all kinds of strategies and supports that help your child thrive!

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Earlier this school year I touched on the power and skill of positive attention. When there are ongoing changes or inconsistencies in schedules, positive attention is incredibly useful to help provide stability and consistency for children. In addition, active ignoring is another useful tool to counteract any minor defiant or oppositional behaviors.

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The Power of Positive Attention

As humans, we're naturally more inclined to recognize mistakes, errors, and misbehavior in others, particularly our children. We also recognize the importance of learning opportunities, so when misbehavior is identified, it is instinctual for adults to want to point out and correct (often sternly) what children are doing wrong. Research indicates that giving attention to behavior you simply expect or want to see actually increases the likelihood of that behavior occurring again more than identifying what you want children to stop doing.

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Adjusting to Another Unique Return to School

Hi Laurence Community! While the return to school is likely an exciting time, it can also be very overwhelming and stressful for students and families alike. With ongoing change comes inconsistency and unpredictability, which, as I noted in a previous post, can make it hard to manage even the smallest of things. So, as I did for our previous return to school in person, I wanted to pass along some relevant articles, strategies, and support below that you can review on your own time. Hopefully these resources will help this process feel more manageable and go more smoothly.

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