Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Program Overview

Encompassed in our mission and values is a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Since our founding, we have recognized that the best learning environments are comprised of people with many different perspectives and backgrounds, and that children learn best when they feel safe and understood, which can be accomplished through ensuring inclusion and equity in our community and curriculum. 

Our work in this area is constant and dynamic, as we continually reflect on where we are and how we can do more and do better to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive academic program and school community. Critical to this work is the engagement of community members in purposeful discussions about our initiatives. To that end, our initiatives go beyond academics, as we find ways to integrate our parents, faculty, and staff into our work in this area.

DEI Stories Our Program in Practice


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Laurence School encourages students to acquire a greater awareness of the many different points of view that reflect the diverse opinions and attitudes of our global community. Our program is integrated throughout many areas of study and aspects of Laurence life, engaging students in an exploration of diversity, inclusion, their own heritage, and our place in the global community. 

The Parent Experience

Parents are an integral part of Laurence's diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. We believe that a strong school-home partnership is critical, and we also care deeply about hearing from our parents as we strive to strengthen our programs and work in this area. It is also important that our parents feel that they themselves are valued, respected and understood within the Laurence community. 

Faculty Staff Development

It starts with us. Our administrators, faculty and staff are deeply committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment and strive to ensure our students' experience is reflective of this commitment. From on and off-campus professional development to our faculty-led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, there are a myriad of meaningful opportunities for our faculty and staff to learn, develop a deeper understanding of the issues, and bring new ideas to our programs. 

Strategic Action Plan

During the 2020-21 school year, Laurence School created its first Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism & Inclusion Strategic Action PlanOur goal is to evolve into a model of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. We also strive to educate our students so they better understand race, identity, equity, and injustice. Our hope is that Laurence students will become future agents of change.

DEI/Global Garden Parent Committee

Our DEI/Global Garden Parent Committee provides parents with a voice in the school's work in the area of DEI. With the participation of dozens of families, along with the school's administration, the committee reflects the commitment of Laurence School to develop students and a community that is truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

The Committee serves multiple functions at our school, including: contributing ideas to and providing a parent sounding board for curriculum development; helping to organize and support the Sister School Program; running our Global Perspectives Family Cultural Share Program; organizing our annual Global Faire; and organizing “Think Tank” meetings, which provide a safe space for open conversation and discussion on issues around DEI.