Summer CIT Program


CITsatLaurenceOur Counselor-in-Training and Counselor Program is a special opportunity for Laurence graduates to spend the summer developing leadership skills while having fun in the sun.

Are you interested in being a Counselor-In Training (CIT) this summer? A CIT is a camper enrolled in a specialized camp leadership program. Through practical experience, CITs learn about behavior management, safety awareness, communication, decision-making, and team-building, while working closely with camp staff and campers.

The CIT program is meant to strengthen and develop leadership skills. Our goal is to give CITs the opportunity to gain confidence, pride, and a sense of community and accomplishment.

We accept a limited number of applicants per session, and it is possible not all applicants will be accepted.


(Grades 7-8)

CITs may work for as many weeks as they choose, but a minimum of two weeks is required. They are assigned a rotating schedule during our morning program. CITs may request to be placed in a specific elective in the afternoons; however, priority will be given to returning CITs. CIT assignments are subject to the discretion of the Laurence Summer Camp CIT Supervisor.

Counselor Leadership Program
(Grades 9-12)

Laurence graduates in Grades 9-12 who have spent previous summers as CITs may participate in our Summer Camp Program as Counselors in enhanced leadership roles.

The Counselor Leadership Program is meant to strengthen and develop their leadership skills. Our goal is to give Counselors the opportunity to gain confidence, pride, and a sense of community and accomplishment. Counselors will apply to participate in a specific enrichment program, such as drama, art, sports,and technology, or our summer academic programs. Acceptance into this program requires an online application followed by a phone interview with a member of the Laurence Staff.


CITs and Counselors are required to:

  • have, at minimum, completed the sixth grade
  • attend our mandatory CIT and Counselor meeting (held on Thursday before Camp begins)
  • commit to at least two weeks of service
  • follow all camp policies
  • wear a Staff t-shirt every day, unless participating in designated camp Dress-up days

CITs and Counselors are expected to:

  • participate fully in all aspects of camp life (morning assemblies, dances, songs etc.)
  • adhere to higher standards – CITs and Counselors are role models for the younger campers
  • arrive and depart according to assigned schedules
For more info, please send us an email.