Leadership Program


CITsatLaurenceOur Counselor-in-Training and Counselor Programs provide a special opportunity for Laurence graduates to spend the summer developing leadership skills while having fun in the sun.

Through the Laurence Summer Counselor and CIT program, students will continue to develop the following key social and emotional skills: Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Citizenship, Responsibility, and Accountability. In addition, our Counselors and CIT’s will be encouraged to show initiative and serve as role models to our Laurence campers, and will be asked to help develop the unique abilities and potential of each of our campers, as well as themselves.


(Grades 7-9)

Students entering 7th - 9th grade are invited to sign up for the position of Counselor-in-Training. The CIT program is the first step in a student’s transition from camper to a potential counselor. CIT participants take part in team-building activities and learn the importance of effective communication skills as they develop the talents necessary to work with peers and children. CITs are integrated into the camp program and receive hands-on experience working with counselors and Laurence summer staff. CIT's assist camp staff in the supervision of campers, and set-up and take-down activities and events.

We are looking for youth who are enthusiastic, reliable, and enjoy working with children ages 5-10. Space is limited. In short, camp CITs have an opportunity to apply their prior knowledge and understanding and develop their own skill set in a safe environment that they can bring with them to high school. Once having mastered the CIT program, those camp CITs will be invited back to join the Laurence counselor program the next year. 

The following is expected of all CITs:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Assist in distributing prizes for Laurence Loot
  • Wear camp t-shirt every day
  • Distribute lunches
  • Maintain a positive attitude 
  • Participate in all events with enthusiasm, showing camp spirit
  • Participate at Morning Assembly, sitting with campers 
  • Help plan and write morning skits for assembly

Benefits of being a Laurence Camp CIT:

  • Grow as a leader at your alma mater
  • Seen as a true role model beyond our campus
  • Opportunity to work on and develop interpersonal skills
  • Will receive first aid and CPR training
  • Will receive community service hours

We accept a limited number of applicants per session, and it is possible not all applicants will be accepted.

(Grades 10-12 and select college students)

Laurence counselors are 10th graders and beyond.  Laurence Camp Counselor positions are limited, and the program is application based. While exceptions can be made, the counselor program is open almost exclusively to former CITs. At its heart, the counselor summer camp program is an extension of the CIT Program–but, with full immersion, this time, in an advanced leadership program that stresses, among other things, teaching, coaching and mentoring of younger campers in specific activities, designing and implementing lesson plans, working with camp leadership to manage outdoor games, camp assemblies, parent interactions, supporting the entire food management and kitchen operations. In short, camp counselors have an opportunity to apply their prior knowledge and understanding and develop their own skill set in a safe environment that they can bring into high school and beyond. 

The following responsibilities are expected of all Counselors:

  • Assist department staff members in executing daily lessons and activities
  • Create and proposed activities and lessons for afternoon electives
  • Communicate all scheduling/personnel issues to department staff member
  • Follow all camp policies
  • Participate fully in all aspects of camp community activities (assemblies, projects, etc.)
  • Be role models for CIT’s and campers
  • Have materials ready for campers and supervise clean up
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude 
  • Participate in All Events with Enthusiasm, showing Camp Spirit
  • Ensure that campers are supervised at all times, and maintain a safe and enjoyable camp environment
  • Acts as a leader for all campers, providing them with instructions for daily activities
  • Perform head-counts of participants throughout the day
  • Ensure participants are safe (properly hydrated, playing areas are free of hazards, etc.)
  • Assist with the coordination and leading the camp schedule and activities for the camp participants
  • Interact with parents/guardians during drop-off and pick-up times

Counselors must treat staff members, CIT’s, and campers with respect. They must be reliable, on time, and fully engaged in daily activities. Failure to meet these expectations will result in a meeting with department and/or Laurence staff members and could result in termination of position.


For more info, please send us an email.