Performing Arts

Musical1.jpegThe performing arts are a centerpiece of the development of early childhood confidence and imagination. As such, drama and music are part of students' daily schedule and are intertwined with other subjects of study.

All students participate in school-wide performances, and students interested in diving deeper into this area can participate in a multitude of electives and after school classes dedicated to the performing arts. Our 1,100-square-foot drama classroom provides an engaging environment where students’ creative and expressive skills are developed and nurtured.

Drama is also integrated with the core subject areas and is used to explore social, historical, and literary themes. Beyond this, we are confident that drama helps children learn to become more adaptable — an invaluable skill for success in the 21st century.

Drama Curriculum

K - 3rd Grade

Our Kindergarten through 3rd Grader students attend drama class on a regular basis. Through a holistic approach, these students explore a variety of topics and themes in a creative and dynamic atmosphere. They are also taught specific skills, into which core subject matter and character education lessons are integrated. Ultimately, they take these skills with them into their extracurricular activities, onto the playground, and into their lives. In the younger grades students are nurtured to develop their public speaking skills building confidence and fostering a comfort of self-expression.

4th - 6th Grade

Our upper-elementary students also attend drama on a regular basis. The 4th through 6th Grade students are exposed to a variety of exciting opportunities through drama such as Shakespeare, social studies simulations, improvisation, characterization, and play-writing.