“Let the children be their own composers...” Carl Orff

Music is a vital and exciting part of our society, our humanity, and, therefore, Laurence School’s educational program. Using the vehicles of singing, movement, and playing, students at Laurence engage as listeners and creative participants. All students participate in school performances to varying degrees, with opportunities to perform during assemblies, grade-level performances, and all-school concerts. In addition to embracing traditional elements of music, our curriculum also explores music technology, audio recording, and contemporary musical styles.

K-3 Music Curriculum

Our Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students attend music class several times per week.

They begin studying Orff instruments, including xylophones, drums, percussion instruments, and the exciting new addition of pitched instrument tubes called Boomwhackers.

First through 2nd Grade students continue studying and composing on Orff instruments, including unpitched percussion instruments, metallaphones, glockenspiels and recorders. Our 3rd Grade students also begin learning the ukulele and enhanced ear training and musical literacy.

4-6 Music Curriculum

Fourth through 6th Grade students receive weekly musical instruction, during which they learn to read, perform, write, and record music.

They study vocal technique, acquire performance skills, and expand their knowledge of Orff and percussion instruments through in-class ensembles.

Fifth and 6th Graders extend this creativity by composing original musical works, complete with instrumentation and audio recordings.

Orchestra Program

Laurence School offers additional after-school instruction in violin, providing students in Kindergarten through 6th Grade with a valuable learning experience in instrumental music.

Our orchestra program is open to students with and without past violin experience, providing lessons at the early learner, beginning, and intermediate levels.