Summer Tutoring

Summer of 2020 Remote Private Tutoring

For this summer only, Laurence faculty members will be offering private tutoring throughout the summer (including the weeks of camp).  Below, you will find list of teachers offering tutoring sessions this summer. Please reach out to them directly for scheduling and pricing.

Each teacher will do his/her best to work with your schedule so that your child may also participate in our Remote Summer Camp Program should you choose to do so. 

Grades: 1-6
Fees: To be determined with each teacher

Teachers & Specialists Offering Tutoring Services

Click here for our Faculty Directory

  • Ben Sheridan
  • Brittany Miller
  • Brittany Moreland
  • Claire Daley
  • Corinne Metling
  • Cyntoria Lampkin
  • Dana Ackerman
  • Erin Fraser
  • Gina Landau
  • Jesse Servin
  • Jessica Alva
  • Katie Fragapane 
  • Kelly Spinks
  • Kevin Butler
  • Kim Milman
  • Lauren Bruns
  • Lauren Cantrell
  • Maggie Muir
  • Marlon Angeli
  • Marlon Espino
  • Melissa Casillas
  • Rachel McKinney
  • Robert Romano
  • Samantha Shreder
  • Sarah Berson
  • Susie Harmon
  • Tanika Schliebe
  • Wendy Wolin




Laurence School's Camp Programs are open to only to current and former Laurence School students, including incoming students for the 2020-2021 school year.