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Graduate Placement

Secondary School Guidance Program

At Laurence, we have a long-standing tradition of matriculating our graduates – who consistently receive multiple acceptances – into some of the finest, most competitive independent secondary schools in the area. We take pride in our comprehensive, personalized secondary school guidance program.

Beginning in May of 5th grade, parents and students receive ongoing support and direction from Laurie Wolke, Head of School, and our 6th grade teachers. In the months that follow, Mrs. Wolke meets individually with each family to thoughtfully determine appropriate secondary school placement, taking into consideration a wide variety of factors.

Laurence Graduates Are Competent and Confident

Readying our graduates for the challenges of secondary school is of the utmost importance to our teachers and administrators. By becoming 21st-century, higher-level thinkers and learners, our graduates are well-prepared academically and socially to take on the ever-changing world.

We reinforce skills such as public speaking and interviewing and provide numerous leadership opportunities through innovative and original programming. Our poised and articulate sixth graders lead prospective families on comprehensive tours through the School as part of our Student Ambassador program. They also pair up with Kindergarten children for meaningful social and educational activities and one-on-one mentorship through our Buddy program. In addition, they learn the fundamentals of our legal system and bring the drama of the courtroom to life through Kids’ Court, our nationally recognized, award-winning, interactive mock trial elective, which Head of School, Laurie Wolke, J.D., leads.

Top Secondary Schools Welcome Our Graduates

By the time our 6th Grade students take the necessary exams and submit their secondary school applications, they are among the most eloquent and confident of the students considered for admission by local independent secondary schools. Year after year, admissions representatives from these schools confirm this to us when they come to Laurence to have lunch with our children and to speak to them about their schools' opportunities and programs.

The results are truly impressive. The following indicates the number of Laurence students accepted to 7th grade for the 2023-2024 school year:

2023 Secondary school acceptances:  
Campbell Hall 24
Harvard-Westlake 18
Marlborough 8
Viewpoint 8
Buckley 7
Chaminade 6
Archer 2
Geffen Academy 2
Oakwood 2
Sierra Canyon 2
Chadwick 1
Polytechnic 1
Windward 1