Dear Laurence Community:

We are excited to present Laurence School’s 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan will guide the future of Laurence over the next five years. The plan provides a roadmap for our community in its pursuit of the school’s mission.  

The development of the Strategic Plan was a collaborative effort involving the broad Laurence community including students, faculty, parents, alumni, the Administration and the Board of Trustees. The plan evolved from and dovetails with the accreditation study submitted last fall by Laurence to the California Association of Independent Schools.  

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan represents the best of our collective thinking as we pursue the brightest possible future for Laurence. As the school’s stewards, we will pursue the plan with our most determined and diligent efforts. We welcome all of your active participation as we execute the plan to make the future of Laurence School our new reality. 


Laurie Wolke    
Head of School    

Michael Lifrak
Chair, Board of Trustees