Mission & Values


Laurence endeavors to develop the unique abilities and potential of each of its students in a diverse, inclusive, supportive, and equitable learning community, where rich traditions and an innovative curriculum foster educational excellence and joy in learning, pride in oneself, integrity, mutual respect and a commitment to the “Total Child.”

"Total Child" Values

Love of Learning 

We strive to develop students who are curious, creative, inspired and engaged in the exploration and pursuit of lifelong learning.

Strong Sense of Self 

We strive to develop students with a strong sense of self-respect and self-esteem who engage their world as leaders and demonstrate dignity, courage, tenacity and resilience.

Honorable Character

We strive to develop students who: embody kindness, empathy and gratitude; value and seek out multiple perspectives; demonstrate a commitment to honesty and integrity; actively pursue equity and justice; adopt a solution-minded approach to problems; and possess a sharpened moral compass to guide them forward.

Flourishing Community 

We strive to develop students who actively engage with local and global communities, seek opportunities for service, value diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures, and navigate our diverse and evolving world with compassion and respect.