Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Shahmiri

Photo of Chief Financial Officer Shawn Shahmiri

Chief Financial Officer, Shawn Shahmiri, has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Accounting and Finance. He is honored to have been a member of the Laurence School family for over 13 years. With a bachelor's degree in Accounting and a few graduate degrees and certificates in Accounting, Statistics, and Business Administration — each from a different country — the multilingual Mr. Shahmiri has been a driving force in the financial growth of Laurence and a key player in major acquisitions and the expansion of the school. Mr. Shahmiri moved from a corporate career to working for non-profit organizations more than 20 years ago for more personal fulfillment and satisfaction, and he considers working at Laurence the ultimate level of satisfaction in his career.

Outside the office, Shawn enjoys spending time with his long-time wife, Sara, a Special Education teacher with LAUSD for students with moderate-severe disabilities, and their two children, Pedram and Sanam, who completed her Ph.D. dissertation in Illinois. Mr. Shahmiri is a world-traveler and has a passion for languages; he is currently working hard at learning a new language.