September 18, 2021
September 18, 2021

Dear Laurence Families,

On Friday, we held our first in-person RWB&G Assembly in 18 months. The sense of community and camaraderie across the Lightning Field was palpable, as we enjoyed coming back together with our entire student body. 

I am thrilled to share good news regarding the updated COVID-19 protocol in LA County. Because COVID-19 case and transmission rates have declined sharply (by 40% among children) over the last three weeks, LACDPH has adopted a less restrictive quarantine protocol that is aligned with the CDC and the State of California. Significantly, this means that Laurence will be less likely to have to quarantine an entire classroom or grade level in the event a positive case arises on campus, and we can resume more of our great school activities! (As always, decisions about who must quarantine will be made by officials at the LACDPH.) 

Resuming Multi-Grade Level Activities

As a result of the less restrictive health measures, Laurence will resume in-person programs involving the participation of students from multiple grade levels, including:

  • Outdoor RWB&G Assemblies
  • Buddy Activities
  • Friday Electives (Grades 3-6)
  • After School Programs 
    • Enrichment Classes (K-6th grade)
    • After School Play (K-6th grade)
    • Homework Club (Grades 2-6)
    • Math and Language Arts Learning Labs (Grades 3-6)
    • Interscholastic Sports (Grades 4-6)

Please note that everyone participating in multi-grade level activities will wear masks at all times.

Inviting Parents Back on Campus
We cherish our close-knit community and the involvement of parents in the life of the school. We are planning to invite vaccinated parents on campus to volunteer and attend RWB&G assemblies in limited numbers. We will also be expanding opportunities for parents to join us on campus for more in-person special events -- more details will be forthcoming! 

What Is The New Modified Quarantine Protocol?

  • What is the change? The new protocol is based on science, designed to keep students in school as much as possible, and emphasizes the simple fact that wearing a face mask is the most effective way to prevent spread and transmission, including in schools. The LACDPH now allows an unvaccinated student, whose exposure to a positive case took place at school or a school-supervised activity to continue in-person instruction at school if both the exposed student and person with COVID-19 were wearing masks during the entire exposure period. 
    • Please note that this modified protocol does NOT apply if a student is exposed to someone with a positive case outside of Laurence School.
  • Who is impacted? Close contacts whose exposure took place at school or a school-supervised activity where both the contact and the case were masked during the entire exposure period. For example, this would include exposures during Laurence interscholastic sports competitions with peer schools. 
  • What are the new quarantine requirements for an exposed student?
    • Exposed student(s) must remain asymptomatic for the duration of quarantine, stay home except for "academic activities that are part of the regular school curriculum," and continue to wear a mask indoors, outdoors, and on the school bus. The modified quarantine applies only to in-class instruction and the bus. Exposed students may not participate in any extracurricular school activities or non-school related activities.
    • While unmasked when eating and drinking, students in modified quarantine must maintain at least a six-foot distance from others. 
    • Students in modified quarantine must be tested twice a week during their quarantine: the first test should be on day 1 or 2 after exposure, while the second test should be 5 days after exposure. 
  • When does the modified quarantine end? Modified quarantine ends when a second test done at least 5 days after exposure is negative. In this scenario, the exposed student can end modified quarantine after day seven.

Effective immediately, Laurence School will follow this less restrictive, modified quarantine protocol for any student who is exposed to COVID-19 in school or during a school-supervised activity as outlined above. 


This news from LACDPH is a huge development for the continuity of in-person learning and instills me with hope and optimism. To help continue these positive trends both for Laurence and for the greater Los Angeles area, I urge you to continue practicing good health and safety protocols. 

I look forward to reconnecting with you in person soon. In the meantime, my virtual door is always open!