//Remote Learning

Below, you will find tutorials and helpful information to help you successfully navigate remote learning.

We have also created Remote Learning Guidelines for you to share with your children!

Remote Learning Guidelines


K-2 Student and Parent Tutorials

For our K-2 students, Seesaw is the primary platform for delivering lessons and assignments for remote learning.

The Seesaw Family app, which you've been using until now, will not work to access assignments from home. In order for students to access assignments (activities) you will need to either: 1) download the Seesaw: The Learning Journal App (Seesaw Class) on a tablet; or 2) log into their account through app.seesaw.me.

3-6 Student and Parent Tutorials

For our 3-6 students, Google Classroom is the primary platform for delivering lessons and assignments for remote learning.

Advice for Creating Boundaries and Expectations for Tech at Home

We recognize that asking students to engage in remote learning puts a lot of responsibility on you as parents to support and set boundaries around technology use at home.

Even though you have rules for technology use at home, you may find that you need to have new conversations with your child(ren) and create new rules due to these extraordinary circumstances. The guidelines below are meant to get you started, but each situation is unique and you may want to ask for specific advice. If so, please reach out to your child's teachers, division heads, or Liz Beck. 

Video Conferencing Tutorials

Our goal is to begin by launching the basics of online instruction so that our teachers, students, and parents can settle into a remote learning environment. As time goes on, we may choose to introduce new ways of working, including methods of connecting with one another in real time. For this reason, we provided the tutorials below should we begin using Zoom or Google Hangouts for synchronous meetings.